I’m Milou, the creator of Moody Bright Designs – a project that focuses on embroidery and the upcycling of textiles.

I literally work with anything, from charity shop finds like t-shirts and jumpers to old clothes that I find lying about. I’m kinda like a magpie, always looking for things that are broken or not used anymore so that I can try and find a way to incorporate it in my work. I’m interested in mending, embellishing and making something feel unique and personal. Colour is super important to me, there’s never enough.

My background is in painting and fine arts, though I spent three years working in the world of vintage fashion, where I discovered my passion for embroidery and learnt more about fabrics and sewing. My wardrobe is a mix of old things, handmade things and bright and colourful things.

Folk traditions inspire me deeply, especially anything with a strong narrative quality. Medieval illustrations from old books and surreal compositions are at the heart of my aesthetics. I don’t really do ‘neutrals’ or ‘subtle’ when it comes to my embroidery, neither do I think embroidery to be ‘merely’ decorative.  In fact, embroidery makes me think of the richness of people’s lives and stories, and the mark it leaves on fabric, even after we’re gone.

I’m passionate about the creative potential that embroider has to offer, as a means of self-expression and as a way to refashion, fix and personalise your wardrobe or home. I also think that the act of embroidering is healing and I encourage people in my workshops and classes to embrace imperfection and embark on a personal journey, whilst also appreciating the slow pace of it.

Moody Bright Designs began as a response to concerns about fast fashion and the environment, and because I felt an urgent need to slow down and appreciate the process of making something that speaks to you avoiding waste wherever possible.




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