I’m Milou, the creator of Moody Bright Designs – a project that focuses on customisation of second-hand items.

I upcycle and sell textiles with unique, colourful folk inspired motifs.

70s hippie and psychedelia aesthetics are part of the general style I go for, however I like to play around with what comes into my own imagination too.

Whether floral or abstract my designs will always add brightness to the garments I give a second life to.


As a trained painter, I have always played with contrast, a quality that you can find in my hand-painted furniture too. There’s no such thing as too much colour in my world!

I began this project as a response to concerns about fast fashion and the environment, ,and because I felt an urgent need to slow down and appreciate the process of making something unique and of quality, whilst avoiding waste as much as possible.

Many call this ‘a labour of love’ which is something I am proud and grateful of being able to do. I hope you will feel the same pride in owning one of my designs and supporting this adventure!


(website is currently under construction! Stay tuned!)

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