Folk & Flowers Embroidery Workshop

The first of a series of embroidery workshops is over, but don’t cry if you missed out, there will be plenty more in the new year. I’m all busy organising some for you, so check this space!

‘What was it like?’

Well, let me tell you!!!

It was AMAZING. And, If you’ll ever regularly read about Moody Bright Designs on this blog, you might have to get used to this word, or learn to block it out for it’s one of my favourites. I love using it. I come with it, in flesh, body and mind, and the bags of enthusiasm I tend to lift easily on a good day. There are bad days too, but luckily today is not one of those, so nothing to worry about.

But what was it like? Well, as promised we listened to folk music and ads-free playlists, from Woody Guthrie to First Aid Kit (quite varied, right?), drank chamomile mostly, and chatted away in between practising different stitches of course.

It’s a great way to meet new people, focusing on learning a new skill and enjoy something mindfully relaxing. And…you might end up with some good ideas for Christmas presents without the need to throw money out of the window rushing down Oxford Street. Pretty convincing, I think.

‘How do you know if it’s for you?’

You don’t, but honestly how can it not? It’s not like knitting where you might lose track of your stitches, or like crochet where you…you, what do you do? Ahem, I don’t crochet (yet), so I can’t quite describe the difference, but I can promise you there’s no double-crochets in embroidery! And you don’t even need to know a huge amount of stitches to create wonderful unique pieces. Trust me when I say that even with just one stitch you can start designing and making beautiful hand embroidered alterations.


‘Is Embroidery a highly demanding activity?’

There’s people who go to the gym every day after a full day work! Now that’s highly demanding, to me.

There’s no rush when you embroider, nor any pain, apart from when you might accidentally prick your finger, but no one’s ever cried during my classes for what I know.


‘I can’t draw, can I embroider?’

What a silly question!! First of all, I don’t believe you. And second, of course you can. I can show you lots of ways to transfer a design, so you don’t even have to think about a pencil, though I might try and persuade you to trust in yourself and your creative skills more.


And finally, here’s a little collage representing some of the stitches we practiced. I should have taken more photos, but we were too busy embroidering. Next time, I promise.




Would you like to know more? Feel Free to send me any questions!


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