Moody Bright Embroidery Workshop starting on the 17th of January!

Come and learn to hand embroider through 6 fun and relaxing classes. Each week we’ll be exploring a different embroidery project, so don’t forget to read the weekly breakdown!

From traditional redwork embroidery in week 1, using mostly a back stitch (but not only!), to the more complicated satin stitch in week 6, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn  new (and old) exciting ways of using embroidery to upcycle or embellish items you love (or don’t love anymore).

With a zero waste approach wherever possible, this series of workshops is about adding a touch of colour and character to your home or garments, but don’t you worry, complete beginners are absolutely welcome, and so are creative thinkers, messy makers and ambitious crafters!

I promise you’ll want to embroider your knickers by the end of it. I’m serious!

Class Breakdown

Now, for the practical stuff…

You can buy a ticket (or more) for any of the workshops you like.

Why not take a friend, a partner, a sibling, a grampa or a mum too?

I agree, why not! It’s time to get those grampas to embroider, I keep saying that.

And on this note, it shouldn’t be spelt out, but, for the shy ones: men are welcome ( come on, guys!). All of these projects are catered to your taste.

We’re also gonna have a special take on Valentine’s Day if you’re interested, with a focus on friendship (old and new) and collaborations instead!


And you can also save a tenner and buy a 6 week bundle! It’s up to you.

Single Ticket cost: £16.50

6 Week Bundle: £90

Online booking recommended, January blues defeat guaranteed!

You want to know more? Feel free to drop me an email!

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