New Series of Workshops Starting at Hourglass Coffee!

A little more experimental than usual, this series of embroidery projects are an exciting new chapter. And, as the only mind and body behind Moody Bright Designs, I can say, I really can’t wait.


This is a beautiful community centred space near Clissold Park. It recently opened with a bang (metaphorically), and with its selection of UK coffee roasters, amazing warm decor, evening yoga classes and gigantic windows, it’s going to be the perfect location for this new season of workshops!

So if you get a chance, do pop in during their working hours and try some of the UK best coffee roasters.


Classes will be running on Tuesdays from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, starting from 2/4/19.

You can buy the full bundle for the three workshops in one go for £70 or buy a ticket to each workshop separately for £25.

Project-based these classes are aimed at beginners. All materials for the projects are provided. These will include good quality recycled fabrics, and a large selection of coloured threads to suit your taste. Where mentioned, you’ll take home some designs to further your embroidery experience.

However, to keep the price down, you won’t be able to take the hoop, needle and thread home. These will be available for sale in case you wanted them immediately, but of course, there will never be any pressure for you to buy.


Created with sustainability and wellbeing in mind, these classes might become a game changer when thinking about your wardrobe and textiles you already own.

Fabrics provided are second-hand upcycled pieces and we highly encourage you to bring an item you’d like to add some embroidery to. However, if a complete beginner, we recommend these items to be made of pure cotton, we also offer the option to start working on your project using the appliquee method (materials are provided for this). You’ll be supported and helped through the whole process, with every workshop having a slow and nice pace for you to enjoy the process as much as the result.

WEEK 1 PROJECT: Floral Mandala Embroidery Workshop – Meditative and relaxing

Make a versatile cotton based appliquee for your handmade cushion covers, or use it as a patch for a garment you own or why not sew it to a plain canvas bag?

What is certain, this is the ultimate relaxing embroidery class.  We’ll be using a series of outline stitches and variations of the back stitch. You’ll learn all the tricks and tips you need to enjoy embroidery as a beginner! You’ll also be able to take home 3 mandala designs to keep you busy for weeks.


Week 2: Radical Doll Project: Doll Or Monster? – Experimental, great for parents too

Culturally a doll can be many things. In this workshop we’ll look at the creation of a small textile figure on which to project one’s feelings and/or dreams and thoughts. We’ll work flat first and then take the steps needed to construct the doll mixing embroidery and hand-sewing techniques.  Experimental, this class can be a fun way to create a toy for a beloved one, or for yourself. Anything you’d like to channel about your life lately?

Mothers, Fathers and makers of all kinds are invited to try it out.

Materials, including scrap of fabrics to make the doll will be provided, but why not use your child’s old clothes or garments you were going to throw away to add your own personal touch?


Week 3:  Let your Old Shirt Tell a Story With Embroidery

Sustainability at its best. This workshop offers a twist on the usual upcycling ideas. Why not transfer a quote you love on areas of your shirt that might have a stain or a hole? Or transfer the image of an idol? A shopping list? A poem? Anything is possible in this workshop and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. All you need is a shirt and the strong desire to make it unique and fun to wear again. Perhaps a project ideal for festival goers too.

Embroidery materials will be provided, transfer methods will be taught, and ideas will be shared, in case you get stuck in a rut.

Please ensure your shirt is made of cotton or a stable fabric.



Haven’t finished your work, but still want to be in a supportive environment? You’re invited to join the Embroidery Loop! A free monthly meet-up for textile lovers. Enjoy a few hours of stitching without external interruptions and make friends. This season we meet  at The Create Place in Bethnal Green.

Wanna know a little bit more about the magic and wonder of Hourglass Coffee? Click here!

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