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For a while, I’ve been thinking about the importance of supporting each other when it comes to our passions, skills and businesses. The more I teach, the more I learn about what everyone is looking for for their textile practice. But also, hey, some people are making some truly beautiful stuff and it might not be cheap, but if it’s good quality, durable and ethically and sustainably made, it’s worth investing in yourself, them, your hobby, your art, and develop a new buying attitude that is more conscious towards some of the big (GIGANTIC) issues of our times. Buy less and buy better.

Luckily, at the Knitting and Stitching Show I had the opportunity to directly talk to some of the amazing businesses who make their own products themselves or who sell textile oriented products that any of you: students, followers and new readers might be interested in. So I’m gonna share a growing list here.

Please, feel free to add to ti through the comments below, or email me at moodybrightdesigns@gmail.com if you’re an independent makers and feel that your textile business would fit in on this page.

My hope is that this will bring you one step closer to finding the beautiful and unique fabrics, hand-dyed threads and/or yarns you’ve always wanted made by talented and dedicated makers, sellers and professionals.

Atalie Embroidery Threads, from France. Hand Dyed.


One of my favourite stands at the Knitting and Stitching Show, these threads were a show stopper: all hand-dyed by the people owning the business themselves. I could have spent hours learning more about the process. You have to go and check their website out. If in doubt about anything, I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Photo on the go, but how beautiful are these trims by Aarti J Trim Store? It makes us want to go travelling…


LADY SEW AND SEW (full haberdashery store)

A huge variety of choice, I believe they are established sellers. Haven’t done a huge amount of research on how ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ every single product they sell is, but of course, the fact that they’re an independent alternative is already a good start. I bought some ‘quilter’s calico’ from them for a project I’m developing at the minute and which needs to have a backing, and believed that a softer calico was a better option than the usual. Didn’t know it existed before. We shall see!


The selection was so huge, it was like feeling I hadn’t seen trims before in my life, and apparently it’s the owner’s wife travellings around the world and bringing back her finds. Lucky them. Absolutely loved the variety. And, if you are looking for something specific, they might be able to help you too!

LAIN AMOURÉE- hand dyed wool

Soft and beautiful, this wool is hand-dyed by Pauline and her husband in Indre et Loire, in France. They say: ‘every colour has its own story so that stitch by stitch one can knit dreams through their needles.’ I believe them. Wool so soft, I thought I was dreaming already.

DEBONNAIRE – Hand-dyed artisanal yarns from Oxfordshire

More yarn! And this time from the UK! I’m not a huge knitting expert, but there were certainly some magnificent wools at the Knitting and Stitching Show. Had I been there to buy yarn, I would have been spoilt for choice. Happy to share my findings.


List to be continued!




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