June 2018 Workshop at Fabrications

Why don’t you come to this June’s workshop at Fabrications?

It’s a rare treat, as I’ve only recently started teaching full-days, but I can say I absolutely love the opportunity and can’t recommend it more. I think a full-day really gives you a chance to come out of the workshop feeling like you’ve become a real pro. We go through a big variety of stitches, basic ones for complete beginners, and slightly more challenging ones to gain some fun insights into the rich world of embroidery and then, in the afternoon, you get to work on the upcycling of one of your own garments! So please, don’t forget to bring it in!!! 🙂

I encourage all of my students to develop their own creative style and trust their taste wherever possible when it comes to a garment they love, so why don’t you come and join us?

You can be certain I have a ton of advice to give you, both when it comes to design ideas, different types of fabrics and threads and troubleshooting when it comes to design sizes, difficult garment areas for embroidery, transferring, washing, beading. You name it!

And, if I may say so, you’ll find a super supportive friendly face for any of your wildest embroidery design dreams: an open-minded atmosphere and mentality. We’re all here to make something beautiful and fun in a relaxed atmosphere, so don’t hold back! You might even be about to develop your new found happy obsession, so…what are you waiting for??

Perhaps you have a little project in your mind already and are wondering whether or not this class might suit you? Email me! I’m happy to give you whatever advice you might need prior the workshop. And you can count on plenty of nice cups of tea!

I’m sure you’ll gain so much confidence with your stitching!

There will also be a special opportunity to get a limited edition Moody Bright Embroidery pattern, look at lots of folk inspired designs for inspiration and you’ll also gain access to The Embroidery Loop Facebook Group. This is a small growing online community of new embroidery lovers, a space to share makes and advice, find motivation and, if you’re not into any of this online mania, it also offers free monthly meet-ups! And that’s because embroidery is fun all the time, but definitely in company too.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Have I persuaded you?

You can buy a ticket here.

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