Moody Bright Designs in partnership with British Red Cross

Probably explaining how to do a lazy daisy.

Moody Bright Designs has teamed up with British Red Cross to create a fun ‘experience’ through Air B&B new platform. Why not help raise some funds for such an amazing organisation whilst also learning the basics of embroidery within the realm of upcycling?

It’s a two hour experience: you get a little taster of the Moody Bright Designs Embroidery pattern that you can take home with you or use on a garment of your own, learn some versatile stitches

Having just finished the first workshop today, and knowing there’s 3 more to go, I was delighted by it. The thing is, when I teach workshops in London, people are generally based in London, but in this case, the variety of nationalities and backgrounds was super exciting.

I loved hearing fragments of stories: Nadine briefly talked about how her grandmother used to embroider her own saris in Pakistan, and the method they used was to get the design printed on the sari, so that she could follow the design later on with her needle and threads. I loved Lou, who told us about her interest in sewing and free motion embroidery; she now decided to try some hand-embroidery too, and we had so many similarities, including a deep love for our Bernina sewing machines. And Crisztina who lives in London, but is originally from Hungary, where so much incredible embroidery comes from, and, of gosh, I almost jumped off my seat with enthusiasm when she mentioned it.

I think this is why it’s worth your time and money, because you get to meet people that you’d probably never cross paths with, was it not for this activity opportunity. Then, of course, I’m also thrilled about the chance to blab and chatter about how amazing embroidering is, and try to tell you everything I’ve learnt about embroidery so far, and let’s not forget, that the money goes to the Red Cross, and you know, if you’re like me, and not really into running marathons, for instance, I can’t imagine a better way to spend some time doing some good.

If you’re in and would like to try it out: You can buy a ticket here.

Hope to see you!




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