Summer Tales and Embroidery at Fabrications: Sat 11/8/18

Moody Bright Designs wishes you a happy August: a nice breezy, a 22 degree day filled with chatter, laughter, stories being exchanged and oh so much embroidery, which is why I’m back at Fabrications on the 11th of August for more more MORE upcycling, because, first of all, we must upcycle everything and make it amazing, and unique and personal and fun…and then, because there’s nothing like sitting in a circle getting to know each other whilst learning something new. I learn so much myself!

People have done it for centuries, what am I saying, millennials, so it must mean something!

As you may already know, the workshop I teach at Fabrications is very special. Why? Aside from the lovely setting in Broadway Market (I bet you’ll eat something delicious during your lunch break), Barley’a studio is a place that oozes creativity. If you’ve never been, you must go, I’m sure you’ll get lost looking at the carefully selected textiles: the yarns, the threads and the beautiful ethical fabrics she stocks!  And, the unique handmade pieces made by local designers… I feel that If I say any more, it might sound ungenuine, but I’m a big fan of Barley and Fabrications. Without wanting to sound cheesy, Fabrications has a golden heart. OK, that’s a bit cheesy, but what can I do, it’s true.

So, of course, I feel super duper proud to be able to spend a whole day with you there and share my embroidery passion and knowledge and friendly push you to explore your imagination in directions that you might have felt insecure about before.

And, did I mention, you also get an exclusive Moody Bright Designs Embroidery Pattern selection included in the price? So, that once you’ve left, you’ll have enough embroidery ideas for a year! That’s certain.

Oh I see…you’re worried you might love it at first and then get lazy and never pick up a needle ever again in your life? Naughty you! That’s ok. Although the scenario sounds very unlikely to me, may I just add one little thing?

…I’ve started a monthly meet-up group, free to join, where new faces and old faces get to hang out for three hours and we all work on our personal projects, whilst also..well, chatting away. It kinda does marvels for your skin, ahem, soul.


Here’s a link to my next workshop, if you want to feel rejuvenated, passionate, a volcano that erupts embroidery ideas, and if you want to meet some other volcanos like you….





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