Upcycle your Clothing with Embroidery Workshop Dates at Fabrications: 13 Jan 19/ 10 Feb 19/ 24 Mar 19

Hello everyone!!

I have some wonderful news for any of you who’ve been asking me about new dates at Fabrications! Last time we were sold out and how much fun it was! We’d just launched my Magic Tote Bag sampler as part of the morning class, and now I can confirm we’re back at Fabrication for three more months! So put these dates in your diary, spread the love and let’s get started!!!

Don’t forget that the class is divided in two parts, and you can book either of them, as long as you promise that you do know all the stitches taught in the morning! Ideally, the afternoon class works best when taken after the morning one, but it’s ok for people who already have attended the morning class to maybe come for the afternoon at a later date.

The morning class is a great starter for beginners! You get your ‘Magic Tote Bag’,  4 threads, a hoop and a needle to take home. I also provide every student with a simple booklet to look at, if, at any point during the class, you want to revise or observe simple photo instructions of the stitches I go through with each one of you.

And I do send each one of you the PDF version of the booklet too, so that you can always go back to what you learnt with me and not forget it! I decided that a PDF version of the booklet is the right thing for my class: we all have smart phones these days, or at least laptops and computers! It’s easier to have the booklet stored online that to have a paper version you might lose or ruin, plus, if you do do want to print it, you can!

I guide you through each one of the stitches and give you plenty of time to experiment in between one stitch and the other.  The tote bag is done so that there’s designs you can freely choose to embroider based on your taste and based on stitches that you either like a lot, or maybe, feel you need to practice more to memorise them. I’m there to help you, show you and support you as you learn. I’m probably going to be your biggest fan, as I believe everyone can learn to embroider, and everyone can find a way that will work for them.

Hopefully we’ll have lots of interesting, unique canvas bags coming out of this class in the coming months, I really can’t wait. I also hope that people will start adding other personal embroideries to their tote bag and make it even more unique by doing so. Tell your story with embroidery, or show us what is beautiful and interesting to you!

If you only take the morning class, you’ll come out with the confidence and knowledge needed to make your creative journey in the world of embroidery a little more real than before.

But let me tell you about how amazing is the afternoon class too!!! Cos you see, in the afternoon, it’s all about upcycling and you: your taste, your imagination, your project! We start by going through lots of important things to take into consideration when upcycling with embroidery (designing, location for the embroidery, stitches that might or might not work, stabilisers and so on) and I teach you my favourite foolproof method to transfer a design, but, I also make sure everyone of you has a series of folk designs available for transfer, if you fancy. However, if you have something else in mind, that’s fine!! Tell me about it, and let’s see if I can help you. I particularly love it when a student comes with a permanently stained garment, of course, I’m sorry something they loved got damaged, but hey, look at it this way: in this class you learn to use embroidery to make it even more beautiful and unique than before!!

So far I’ve worked with students who loved the folk designs transfers I provided and chose one or more for their projects, I’ve worked with free stylers who drew straight onto their garments, and I’ve worked with people who liked more of an abstract approach to embroidery! And I think it can all work out. Taking this class is good, though, because, I can troubleshoot lots of little things that you might not know as a beginner.

My goal for students who attend this class, is for them to feel bold and confident about their newly developed skills, so that they can go home and use embroidery on garments they would have otherwise got rid of. I’m a strong believer that we learn through the process of making mistakes, and that mistakes can become our best friends and show us new ways to make things.

Tell me about your embroidery ideas, and let’s see if we can make them come true!


So here’s how to book each one of the classes available at Fabrication in 2019 so far.

For  Sunday 13th of January: Click here.

For Sunday 10th of Feburary: Click here

For Sunday 24th of March: Click here

Hopefully see you there!

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