Moody Bright Embroidery Kits

Let me tell you about my embroidery kits:

Rule number one was not to use plastic and to diy it as much as possible, whilst also using very little packaging.

At first I was at a loss. I mean, most packaging includes plastic in one form or another, and usually, once the packaging is done with being a packet, it just gets thrown away. End of packaging life.  Sigh. So what could I do?

It’s at this point that I thought that perhaps if the packaging could also be functional, then it wouldn’t be so bad.

That’s when the tracing paper idea came along. As someone who designs her own embroidery mostly through hand drawing, tracing paper is always useful. I use it to transfer designs, or to extrapolate them from other compositions, or simply to keep the designs safe for multiple uses, so why not use that for packaging?

It’s early days, but I’m happy to share these kits with you. I drew inspiration from folk embroidery traditions because I’m a big fan of floral patterns that are bold and colourful. I carefully hand-picked the designs so that they can be mixed and matched nicely and so that they can fit multiple purposes, from embellishing a garment to a cushion for your home or even just as a hoop art project to hang. All patterns can be simply stitched with a backstitch, but would suit more complicated embroidery too. 

Moody bright embroidery kit collage

The kits are all hand drawn.

Included is one coloured thread in line with traditional redwork embroidery which was done many years ago on what were called ‘penny squares’, small squares of fabric with a simple design printed on them. That said, there’s no reason not to experiment and play around with whatever colour combination you might want to!

I machined stitched the tracing paper into an envelope, tearing it open shouldn’t be too hard, so I do recommend you trace your designs on it before getting stitching. Some people like to transfer their designs straight on fabric with a transfer pen and iron, there’s lots of methods actually, however, you can just pin the tissue paper onto your fabric and stitch through that until you’re done.  I’ve included an instruction sheet in the kits too, and a video. Just in case.

If you have any questions, have bought one of my kits, or just would like to leave a comment or share some advice, please do! Your opinion and experience matter to me. And I’d love to make sure I’ve made something you’ll love just as much as I do.

Anyway, here’s the short instructional video I made to show you what’s inside the kits, in case you haven’t seen them yet and how they work.


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