A whole Day of Folk Floral Embroidery at Fabrications!

Moody Bright Designs has teamed up with eco textile studio and haberdashery Fabrications, on Broadway market for a whole day of folk embroidery!

This is our first full-day experience and we think it’s going to be tons of fun.

Bring an item of clothing that you love but would like to spruce up a bit with some easy, colourful and folky floral embroidery. The workshop is divided in two parts!


We’ll practice and learn basic stitches that will certainly enhance your creative folk designs later and will set you off on a magic journey into the world of embroidery! And, of course, we’ll start looking into embroidered flowers within the realm of folk embroidery, so that you’ll have started your own ‘folk vocabulary’ in preparation for the afternoon workshop.


If you plan to attend the afternoon workshop only (which is possible), you’re expected to know most of the basic stitches, as this part of the workshop will focus on transferring motifs, free-styling rules (yes, strangely enough, there’s still are!) and general designing tips when upcycling second-hand garments. This part of the workshop is the creative boost that will give you the confidence to spruce up your wardrobe whenever you fancy, avoiding waste and feeling happy at once! 😉

We highly recommend you attend both the morning workshop and the afternoon one, especially if you’re new to embroidery, as this will give you the right intro to stitches we’ll be focusing on in the afternoon too. But, if you think you’re a confident intermediate, but looking for designing tips

Note: Attendees will be provided with a unique special edition of  the newly launched Moody Bright Embroidery Pattern.


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