Moody Bright Embroidery Workshop

Learn to embroider in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Ideal for beginners, you’ll be following a step-by step approach, giving you plenty of time to experiment and become confident with your own needlework.

Whether you’re dreaming to start a big colourful floral design or something a little more minimal, this class will surely give you the skills to embark upon many creative projects involving needle and thread!

By week 4, you’ll have the chance to spruce up an old garment of yours, the first step towards your customised, colourful wardrobe and home!

The aim of this course is to offer an alternative to fast fashion and style, through a creative and fun zero waste approach.

Let’s sit down, chat and make something beautiful.

(tea, music and biscuits all included!)

What should you bring?

Please bring a cotton shirt or plain cotton garment  that you’d like to embellish!

Non-stretch and light to medium weight are a must, if in doubt drop me an email at: moodybrightdesigns@gmail.com

All other materials will be provided for.

Tutor: Milou Stella

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